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Weekend and the upcoming “second shift”…dun…dun…dun

I just came off of a very relaxing weekend. Heather and were able to spend a lot of time together, which is always a blast, and that made for a great weekend in itself.  On Saturday, we joined my friend Jon and his grandfather in the city of Sumner for a Lutefisk dinner at a Lutheran church. This was Heather and my first time trying the Scandinavian delicacy and it wasn’t that bad! The service at Harbor Covenant was very filling and we were able to share our Sunday evening with a wonderful family from our church, who graciously provided dinner for us!  The weekend, however, was made even better by the many hours of sleep I was able to get. Usually on weekends I stay up too late and get up on the earlier side, negating any potential for a good rest. This weekend, I made an effort to get to bed before midnight. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this rested in a long time.

That all being said, this week is going to be interesting. My team at work has a rotation we work off of and one spot on this rotation is performing evening duties at the main hospital. For me, this means working from around 3:00PM – 11:30PM. Yikes, a little bit different than my normal shift for sure. This shift has the benefit of being quiet, because everybody is home, but the downside is that it takes a big chuck of time away from being at home with Heather. This week is especially difficult because Heather and I will be officially married one year come this Sunday. The week leading up to our anniversary would ideally be a time we could spend quality time together but with this shift, time together is limited to early morning and late evenings.

We are trying to make the most of this situation, however. This morning we had a wonderful breakfast of eggs, toast, orange juice, and coffee to kick off the day. We are rarely able to have breakfast together outside of a weekend so it was a nice change of pace.

We’ll see how the rest of the week goes!


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